Versatile Dome Filter System for Cotaminant Removal


December 5, 2005...The N100 Dome Filter System from MSC Filtration Technologies can be equipped to handle particulate removal, water removal and oil removal from water soluble coolants, oils and other industrial fluids depending upon the application requirements.

The N100 accommodates a variety of filters offering particle filtration from 0.5 to 100 µm and oil absorbent and water absorbent filters and Fullers Earth cartridges. The unit is particularly suited to grinding and EDM applications. The heavy duty carbon steel housing construction is designed for 150psi maximum pressure at temperatures up to 150°F.

The unit is equipped with a progressive cavity feed pump with flow rates , 6, 9 or 15gpm and and other features include ball valve, vent and pressure gage, Buna-N O-ring with optional Viton* elastomer permitting 200°F operating temperature. In addition, a swing bolt enclosure permits easy cleaning and cartridge change out as needed. The portable system is mounted on a base plate with 4” heavy duty caster. Stationary system is mounted on a 24” x 24” base with a 2” drip lip.

Systems can be customized to suit specific requirements.

*A trademark of E. I. du Pont d Nemours & Co.
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