Versatile End Mill


Lollipop from Sphinx, the newest addition to the end mill cutter lineup, is ideal for machining undercuts, deburring and multi-axis machining.


Lollipop cutters, also known as undercutting end mills, can be useful for certain situations. Undercuts are commonly known to be difficult to machine with a standard end mill, especially on 3-axis machines. The Lollipop from Sphinx can be used in 3-axis and 5-axis applications, although 5-axis applications are more common due to the operator’s ability to rotate and index the tool for any given reason.


Deburring parts by hand is an inefficient process. By using the Lollipop from Sphinx, shops will see cost and time savings. This end mill also provides a great surface finish due to its edge-breaking capabilities – a critical final step to create a part that looks and feels like a finished product and is safe to handle.


The undercutting angle used in most operations is between 220 and 300-deg., and the corresponding angle for the Lollipop from Sphinx is 270-deg. Although frequently associated with a singular use, lollipop cutters are versatile tools for a variety of shop-floor operations.

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