Versatile Open Board Timers


LCR Electronics now offers OEMs two electronic timers in an open board style that provide a classic or modern look to a major cooking appliance.  The new EC113 and EC115 are inexpensive and easy for OEMs to install and are ideal for use in ovens, fryers, holding cabinets and cook and hold ovens found in the food service industry.

Utilizing an on-board potentiometer to replicate electromechanical timers, the compact, customizable EC113 can be easily placed anywhere on or in an appliance.  This one-size-fits-all digital electronic timer looks and works like a classic electro-mechanical timer complete with a large knob-pointer, yet it provides the reliability of a solid state digital device. One-hour and three-hour selectable time ranges are standard with custom ranges available. The piezo-buzzer or solenoid clacker sounds when the set time has expired.


As an added safety feature, if power is restored after an interruption while the timer is counting, the timer will automatically advance to zero and sound the buzzer. OEMs with global customers no longer need to stock an electro-mechanical timer for every combination of elapsed time, voltage and frequency since a single model of the EC113 can accept 120, 208 or 240 VAC power at 50 or 60 Hz. A new version that also accepts 24 VAC will be available soon.


For OEMs that prefer the modern digital look, LCR also offers the EC115 featuring a three digit, seven segment LED readout in any commonly available color including red, orange, yellow, green or blue. Two tactile user input types are also available - three soft keys or a small knob and a single soft key.  Like the EC113, when the timer reaches zero a piezo-buzzer sounds.  An off-board device like a solenoid clacker can also be used. Power input is 120, 208 or 240 VAC at 50 or 60 Hz.


All LCR electronic and motor control boards are standard in design; however, customization can be developed very cost-effectively.  The new timer control boards are easily combined with other electronic controls from LCR.


Pricing for EC113 starts in quantities of 1000 at $21.  Pricing for EC115 starts in quantities of 1000 at $34.  Delivery is 16 weeks ARO.
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