The latest addition to SNK America, Inc.’s range of hard metal 5-axis machines, the FSP-80V Vertical Spindle 5-Axis Profiler productively and precisely machines hard metals, including titanium, inconel, stainless steel and more. Featuring a small footprint the FSP-80V is designed specifically for medium to small sized work pieces.

The addition of the FSP-80V machine expands SNK’s offering to include both vertical and horizontal spindle machines in both large and small work zones.  SNK America has over 20 years of experience in the field, and hundreds of machine installations, cutting hard metals.
For stability in cutting hard materials, this profiler boasts a powerful 22/18.5 kW (30/22HP) gear-driven high torque spindle (1/6 (HP/rpm ratio) with 1185 Nm of continuous spindle torque. The machine utilizes the Big Plus spindle adaption system to provide heavy cutting capability. Speed and accuracy are achieved with the FSP-80V’s components that move simultaneously through the CNC control. The X, Y and Z axes feature large travels; the A-axis offers ± 30 degrees swivel saddle rotation and the B-axis ± 30 degrees head rotation. Each axes of the machine is lined with turcite to reduce vibration. Furthermore, featuring a highly rigid double pinion-driven A/B axis rotation, the FSP-80V is designed for stable, continuous 5-axis machining.

The table size of the FSP-80V is 800 x 2,000mm (31.5” x 78.7”). The machine has a table carrying weight capacity of 4,000 kg (8,800lbs).  Feed rates (rapid/cutting) are as follows: X and Y axes – 787/393ipm (20/10 m/min), Z axis – 393/196ipm (10/5 m/min), A and B axes – 500dpm.
For protection from flying chips and coolant, the FSP-80V features a splashguard that surrounds the entire perimeter of the machine. A large capacity coolant system is also provided for “thru the spindle” and coolant-flushing applications along with high volume chip augers.  An advanced Fanuc 31i-A5 CNC system with Fanuc servomotors and drives is also included.  The machine comes standard with a 40 position ATC to allow sufficient tool holder storage.
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