Vertical Turning Center with Integrated Gear Cutting Capability


The first technology advancement for large VTCs resulting from MAG's recent acquisition of Modul, a gear manufacturing equipment specialist in Germany, introduces integrated gear cutting capability on a VTC 2500H (vertical turning center) for workpieces up to 2700 mm diameter. The new multi-axis machine combines gear hobbing and milling capabilities with the VTC's wide range of turning, milling, drilling, threading and contouring capabilities. It can turn blanks and subsequently cut gear teeth, all in one setup. The machine's ability to execute rough turning of the outside diameter and gear cutting on the inside diameter in one set up results in higher quality gears. It also eliminates a separate gear cutting machine and reduces labor, part transfers, setups, work-in-process and plant footprint/overhead.
    Gear production capabilities include hobbing, form milling (of external and internal gears), turn-milling of gear teeth with carbide end mills, and chamfering/deburring. This system is ideal for the part making requirements of the wind and power generation industries, mining equipment, marine and other heavy machinery.
The hobbing module is fully integrated into the VTC to allow turning, milling and hobbing or form milling of internal and external geared slewing rings. Two different heads are available with 36 or 46 kW power. They can hob modules up to 24.0 mm or form-mill teeth up to module 28.0 mm on parts with a maximum face width of 600 mm.
    The functionality of the gear manufacturing software is fully integrated into the turning center’s control with one common HMI, so programming gear cutting operations is simple and intuitive. Features include workshop-oriented dialog for input of all geometric and technical parameters for the workpiece and hob.
    In addition to gear cutting, MAG's VTCs can perform standard and hard turning, as well as live-spindle machining, contouring and part probing operations on multiple sides and the full diameter of a part. Customer-driven features include use of standard modular tooling, such as KM 80 and Coromant Capto® solutions, as well as automatic tool changers; green design with minimal hydraulics; minimal or flat-floor foundation requirements for many models; and innovative chip management and removal that minimizes operator intervention. A full machine enclosure meets CE specifications and ensures a dry floor environment.


  • eliminates a separate gear cutting machine
  • for workpieces up to 2700 mm diameter
  • higher quality gears
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