Vest Delivers Big Cooling Power


Ergodyne is changing the game when it comes to keeping workers cool in the heat with the launch of their new Lightweight Phase Change Cooling Vest. Designed to be 30-60% lighter weight than other cooling vests on the market, this vest maintains a temperature of 59°F for up to two hours when activated.


Most cooling vests work by evaporation, which means they require airflow to work properly. This also means that they can’t be worn under clothing or PPE. Ergodyne’s newest Phase Change Cooling Vest solves that problem by using two biodegradable phase change cooling packs that are quickly charged in a freezer or cooler and require no airflow to work. All while remaining lighter than other cooling vest options, at only 4 lb. / 1.8kg when filled with packs.


Heat stress on the job is cause for concern for safety managers and crews. With summers on average trending toward higher temps and more heatwaves, it’s important to have solutions to keep workers cool. And workers who work inside are still at risk of heat-related illness if they’re in areas with no air conditioning, or working around furnaces or other hot equipment. This new Phase Change Vest works both indoors or out, under clothing or over it, and stays at a comfortable 59°F for up to two hours.


The 6250 Lightweight Phase Change Cooling Vest comes with four removable biodegradable cooling packs. The packs can be activated in a fridge, freezer, a cooler of ice, or near an air conditioner, and will provide up to two hours of cooling. The cooling packs feature a grid design to maintain flexibility.


A vest-only option, the 6255 Lightweight Vest, is available as well. For a comfortable custom fit, Ergodyne is also launching the 6240 Elastic Vest Extenders. These extenders go on quickly with hook-and-loop fabric and add up to an extra 3.5 in. / 9 cm of room.

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