VFD Cables


SAB North America now stocks a comprehensive new line of VFD cables with different insulation, jacketing materials, and conductor designs that will meet the majority of your drive application requirements. Included in the line are two symmetrical cable designs: one for larger drives and one with improved flexibility for smaller drives. Additionally to complete the offering, SAB’s VFD cable products now include XLPE insulated cables from 16 AWG to 500 KCMIL.  Furthermore, every cable needs to be grounded properly to suppress “noise”, so complete your installation with a SAB EMC grounding gland for the “COMPLETE SAB SOLUTION.” 

The benefits of this range include: 

  • Products for shorter and longer installations 
  • Symmetrical designs for 16-500 KCMIL 
  • VFD cables & EMC-2 grounding connectors in stock with no mins 
  • Cable selection charts with grounding connector for easy specification 

The VFD cables are for ½ to 200+HP drives 


  • for shorter and longer installations
  • symmetrical designs for 16-500 KCMIL
  • for ½ to 200+HP drives 
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