Vibration Signal Conditioner


San Juan Capistrano, California – VIP SENSORS introduces the new Model 5005, a three-channel, low-noise signal conditioner that accepts three channels of Piezoelectric, Piezoelectric with Integral Electronics (IEPE) or Voltage transducer types. A double integration stage allows the output voltage to be proportional to Acceleration, Velocity or Displacement. Model 5005 is also capable of reading the Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) provided by an IEPE transducer that is compliant to IEEE 1451.4. Transducer output data is displayed on the front panel LED display and can also be controlled via the RS-232 communication interface utilizing your computer and VIP5005 control software.

The input signals of Model 5005 are processed through low-noise amplifiers with programmable gains for different sensitivities and full scale settings. Low-pass and high-pass filters with programmable corners suppress spurious signals.

VIP Sensors offers a range of piezoelectric and voltage mode accelerometers, signal conditioners, cable assemblies and accessories. Shock and vibration calibration services are also available for all types of accelerometers. The company’s strength is in its technical expertise in sensor and electronics design. VIP Sensors provides state-of-the-art, quality products at a very competitive price.
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