VibroChecker App for Vibration Isolation


"Keep it simple" was the guiding principle in the development of the first market-ready application for the iPhone for measuring and analyzing oscillations and vibrations. The name of the new solution by ACE Controls Inc. is VibroChecker and it supports users in determining the lowest dominant frequency up to 50 Hz. The app can then show which product from the ACEolator product offering by ACE may effectively isolate the measured interfering vibrations, e. g. from machines or other installations.

On behalf of the app's development team, André Wessling, Global Manager Marketing of ACE Controls Inc., explains their primary task: "As many of our clients have an iPhone, we had the idea to use the motion sensor integrated in the phone to perform extensive measurements and analyses. Without providing a replacement for costly measuring devices, our aim with the ACE VibroChecker was to enable users to familiarize themselves with the field of oscillations and vibrations in a more playful manner than ever before. Even after the actual developmental phases of devices and systems, test and optimization processes can be quickly performed onsite without costs having to skyrocket.  The starting point for a measurement, and the respective subsequent selection of the appropriate isolation products, may be a vibrating source of interference. 

The ACE app can perform ideal measurements if the iPhone can be fully placed on the surface to be measured. Once the app has been started, four symbols appear on the display of the mobile phone. If the icon "Measure Vibration" is pressed, a new window opens and the measurement can start. The result appears within 15 seconds. The resulting values are the starting point for step two. Transferred to a calculation interface, the most important key data is then entered. Machine weight, number of contact surfaces and the desired degree of isolation are defined using the interactive and intuitive fields. The program then recommends a vibration isolation product from ACE Controls Inc. Launched in 2013 and christened ACEolator, this further addition to the product range consists of extremely low-frequency isolating air spring elements, ready-to-mount rubber-metal isolators and the tried-and-tested insulation slabs ACE-SLAB. The low-frequency air spring elements PLM and PAL are also suitable for isolation measuring table, testing equipment and high-performance machines. Ready-to-mount rubber-metal isolators are predominantly used for engines, compressors and for example in transfer systems. And the standardized, custom-fit insulation slabs are mainly used for tooling and textile machinery for full-surface mounting or for the reliable use for individual, sensitive components, such as isolating elements, e. g. for the interim insulation of work piece carriers, as impact buffers and universally for machines that require subsequent protection. What they all have in common is that by reducing vibration, they not only increase product quality and quantity, they also achieve a considerable degree of noise reduction.


  • for measuring and analyzing oscillations and vibrations
  • determines the lowest dominant frequency up to 50 Hz
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