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General Tools & Instruments  announces a powerful and highly affordable new addition to its line of Video Inspection Systems: THE SEEKER™ 100 (DCS100) Wireless USB Video Inspection System. THE SEEKER 100 System includes another new product: the RCV100 Wireless USB Video Receiver.  The RCV100 and its included software wirelessly connect THE SEEKER 100 to a Windows® computer, enabling video to be viewed on the computer or streamed live over the Internet via Skype®.

THE SEEKER 100 features a compact, wand-like, monitor-less, ergonomic grip that mates with a 12mm (0.47 in.) diameter, 1m (3.28 ft.) long, flexible-obedient, camera-tipped probe with adjustable LED lighting. The grip integrates a transmitter that communicates wirelessly with the RCV100 receiver, which plugs into and is powered by the USB port of any recent Windows computer. The range of this wireless connection is 3m (9.8 ft.). Working in concert, the grip, the receiver and the included software allow video to be viewed live on the computer or streamed over the Internet via Skype. Video can also be captured, recorded or edited using either the computer’s internal software or third-party video editing software.

Designed for numerous HVACR applications—such as detecting leaks, inspecting corrosion and deposit buildup, and reading hidden part and serial numbers—General’s Video Inspection Systems offer a cost-effective way to visually inspect inaccessible or hazardous areas and thus diagnose hidden system problems without the necessity of complete disassembly or teardown. The devices can be used in a wide number of other applications, including inspecting buildings for mold, leaks or pests and troubleshooting engines and other inaccessible areas of motor vehicles, airplanes and marine craft. Each model in the series provides technicians, mechanics, contractors, repairmen, and even the home DIY user with a powerful and practical inspection instrument.

THE SEEKER 100 comes in a custom-molded, impact-resistant carrying case with a set of three accessories (a mirror, a magnet and a pick-up hook) that can be mounted on the end of the probe to facilitate inspection and retrieval. The system’s supplied 12mm diameter, 1m long probe is water, oil and dust proof to IP67 standards. Optional extensions can increase the reach of the supplied probe to 3m (about 10 ft.). The unit can also accept optional 9mm (0.35 in.) and 5.5mm (0.22 in.) diameter probes for use with smaller openings. These optional probes are available in 1m, 2m and 3m lengths. The system comes with a detailed instruction manual and a three-year limited warranty.


  • camera-tipped probe
  • communicates wirelessly with the RCV100 receiver
  • allow video to be viewed live
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