Video Series on Vacuum Technology


Bimba is offering a series of short videos on vacuum technology to provide basic information about vacuum pumps, vacuum cups, end-of-arm tools, and accessories. Each segment of less than four minutes is hosted by “Dr. Vacuum,” an expert in the “reliable use of vacuum technology.”

According to Senior Applications Engineer David Haynes, Bimba’s expert in the use of vacuum technology in all industries, “People will be surprised and delighted by how many products can be lifted, assembled, and transferred with vacuums.”

The demonstrations, available now on Bimba’s YouTube channel, employ instant replay and slow motion to show how material such as scrap sheets, tiny springs, rough aggregates, and even thread can be vacuumed to pass through a tube. Indeed, it is the astonishing range of materials, from heavy products such as bowling balls, granite slabs, and landscaping blocks, to lightweight, porous items like foam, dog bones, energy bars, and filter mediums, that dramatize the ease with which vacuum technology can be applied.

Dr. Vacuum challenges his viewers to come up with a problem he cannot fix with vacuum technology. For an introduction to the series, please go here:


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