Viper-HV Sub-Transmission Recloser


The Viper-HV Recloser is a high-voltage pole top recloser that supports faster overcurrent protection through fault isolation and automatic restoration for temporary faults on overhead sub-transmission lines.


Designed as a self-contained system featuring 3-in-1 capabilities of a recloser, CTs, and integrated internal voltage sensors, the Viper provides utilities improved performance on a pole to automatically clear any temporary faults and isolate only that section of the grid to protect additional lines from going down and preventing an entire region from losing power.


The Viper-HV offers installation flexibility through a variety of configurations, including phase-over-phase and cross-arm versions to match existing line infrastructure. G&W Electric offers site-ready designs with pre-installed accessories and flexible solutions tailored to meet environmental challenges.


Without the need for oil or gas, the Viper-HV reduces routine maintenance and improves personnel safety. Additionally, the vacuum interrupter and all other energized parts are sealed within field-proven, solid-dielectric insulation, providing optimum operator safety and additional protection to discourage wildlife interference.


  • Maintenance free
  • Enhanced reliability
  • Compact 3-in-1 device
  • Automation ready
  • Pole top design
  • Configuration flexibility
  • Operator safety
  • Plug-and-Play installation
Voltage Class 72.5 kV
Continuous Current 1,200A & 2,000A
Interrupting Current 31.5 kA
Short-Circuit Making 80kA pk
Short-Time Withstand 3 seconds
BIL 350 kV
Mechanical Endurance  10,000
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