Virtual Machining


To be shipped to customers in November 2018, Eureka 9 includes many enhancements:

  • New program editor, now including syntax styling in multiple colors, customizable by the user.
  • Improved Stock/Design Compare tool. It is now possible to classify the results based on the excess or residual material volume, so to avoid not significant warnings.
  • New PDF report, highly customizable by the user.
  • Real time measurement of the interference between the tool cutting edge and the finished part.
  • Floating modules management. The optional modules can now float independently of the main license.
  • Eureka Batch
    Utility for automatic testing and simulation sequences, without user intervention.
  • Enhanced Eureka Private Cloud.
    Multiple Eureka servers are now allowed on the same network, with automatic scheduling of the simulation jobs based on workloads and/or custom criteria.
  • Enhanced Eureka Additive.
    Improved additive technologies like LMD (Laser Metal Deposition), WAAM (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing) and FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling), with 3 and 5 axis slicers.
  • More efficient Tool Path Optimization and Cutting Conditions Control.
    The cutting condition parameters are acquired in real time during the simulation, but the optimization parameters can be set afterwards, producing immediate results. That allows for multiple optimization parameters to be tested without any need of re-running the simulation.


Besides, four new optional modules are introduced:


  • Eureka Laser Scanning
    Laser scanning process simulation in order to detect undesirable overlapping and/or shaded areas.
  • Eureka Reviewer
    Interactive reviewing functionalities, similar to the Eureka Viewer ones, integrated into the Eureka G-Code session.
  • Eureka Visual PostProcessor for programming CNC machines.
  • Eureka Cycloidal Cutting
    Simulation of cycloidal cutting, used in gear fabrication
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