Virtual Machining CAM Technology


The latest CAM software, hyperMILL  2019.1 (along with the other versions), has a range of new features and enhancements including greater blending capabilities, 3D-optimized roughing & finishing, global fitting, rotational abilities for CAD electrode applications, and virtual machining simulation. With Industry 4.0 in mind, hyperMILL VIRTUAL Machining enables constant real time bi-directional communication between the machine tool controller and a remote hyperMILL VIRTUAL Machining simulation, significantly improving manufacturing workflow


For reduced programming time and improved milling, the software has two new functions for 3D Z-level Shape Finishing. These include an "Automatic Face Extension" capability that can be used during programming to extend the selected milling surfaces, eliminating the need to modify the milling faces in the CAD system beforehand. Barrel cutters (in addition to general, tangential and conical barrel cutters) can also now be used for 3D Z-level Shape Finishing. 3D Optimized Roughing has also been enhanced, to ensure that multiple allowances are considered when free tool geometries are used.


hyperMILL CAM software from OPEN MIND enables revolutionary 5-axis strategies for fast, easy-to-use programming, resulting in reduced cycle times and high-quality surface finishes. The integrated hyperMILL MAXX Machining finishing module, a performance package of the hyperMILL CAM software suite, is the CAM programming source enabling the use of conical barrel cutter technology to reduce machining cycle times by over 90%. It is ideal for planar, ruled and curved surfaces often found in complex 5-Axis components. hyperMILL MAXX Machining offers three powerful modules for finishing, roughing and drilling.


IMTS attendees can preview key new features of the upcoming 2019.1 version of hyperMILL including high precision machining using ball end mills and equidistant machining with multiple island capabilities to create better finishes.

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