Vise Packages for Workholding


With a clamping capacity of up to 9 in., the Kurt DX6 CrossOver vise, the latest of Kurt D-series vises, provides improved bearing pack, all-directional alignment and a reduction in jaw lift. The vise also features a lighter weight nut and a new brush seal design. New from Fixtureworks, the DX6 is available with standard 6 in. Kurt jaws, or for low-profile clamping, TG GripSert jaws and inserts.
Fixtureworks offers four Kurt Vise packages: the standard Kurt DX6 CrossOver Vise; Kurt DX6 CrossOver Vise with TG GripSert jaws for low-profile clamping; Kurt DX6 CrossOver Vise with TG GripSert jaws for low-profile clamping and pair of snap-in parallels; and Kurt DX6 Crossover Vise complete with TGJ-06 GripSert jaws and a 10-pack of TG-STD workholding gripper inserts for steel workpieces.
GripSert carbide gripper inserts are designed for ultra-low profile 0.14 in. (3.5 mm) clamping with no dovetail workpiece preparation. These patented triangular grippers feature two rows of teeth at different angles with a five-degree taper to maximize the pull-down effect, divide the clamping force, absorb vibration and allow for high stability and secure workholding. 
With only 3.5mm of clamp surface needed to hold the workpiece securely, GripSert workholding inserts are ideal for 5-axis machining operations. These durable inserts are made from carbide with specialized teeth and triangular shapes that penetrate materials, including steel, hardened steel/titanium (up to 50-54 HRC) and aluminum. 
GripSert workholding inserts offer advantages over traditional clamping systems: exceptional low-profile clamping stability, no need for pre-machining or dovetailing workpieces, vibration dampening and allowing for secure holding at lower clamping forces. This results in a higher cutting rate and less waste of materials than traditional clamping systems.
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