Vision Robot Inspection Unit


As a reliable, autonomous module capable of automatically inspecting both cosmetic and particle properties without human intervention, the Vision Robot Unit (VRU) has an innovative island design that comprises a highly versatile “plug & play” concept with a freely configurable infeed and outfeed.


The VRU is also scalable, as multiple vision inspection units can be added to increase throughput. Its no glass-to-glass inspection process significantly mitigates the likelihood of product damage or breakage. 


VRU is able to improve its inspection performance with AI technology. The unit can quickly react to changing product characteristics – including active ingredient variations, differing fill levels, and different containers – even throughout a single batch. It is also adaptive, exhibiting continuous machine learning from both production and operator stimuli. The end result is an improvement in the reduction in both false rejects and false positives.


It is ideal for monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, high-value products, and lyophilized drugs.


  • Automated inspection
  • Wide product range (vials, syringes, cartridges)
  • Inspection flexiblity: from liquids to suspensions and lyo
  • Modular plug and play concept
  • Robots enable the performance of operations that would not be feasible with a standard machine for an optimized inspection process
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