Vision Sensors


Pepperl+Fuchs introduces the BIS510 Vision Sensor.  BIS510 vision sensors are specifically designed as a reliable, simpler and lower-cost alternative to expensive vision systems for print job verification applications.  They provide fast and simple monitoring of the correct sheet sequence in collating, folding and binding machines. Once taught-in, each job can run continuously without concern for error, and the verification process is automatically performed for every print job that is produced.

The sensor includes a camera, illumination LEDs and an evaluation unit with digital input and output signals, as well as a network interface.  It features integrated error image memory, and provides image and barcode recognition at up to 10 pages/s, with a maximum sheet speed of 4 m/s. 

Post-print processing is surprisingly labor intensive, with many steps involved in setting up a collating job.  Steps include refilling sections when pages run out, verifying proper orientation of the sheets when loaded, and ensuring that all of the sheets are in the right order and not duplicated.


  • fast and simple monitoring
  • includes a camera, illumination LEDs and an evaluation unit
  • integrated error image memory
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