PUI Audio leads the industry with a full line of combined audible and visual
alarms providing reliability and consistency needed for life critical situations. These sirens find many uses in related markets where a distinctive warning is needed.

PUI’s AVW-15 line encompasses 32 tone selectable output alarm and integrated high output visual warning with an audible alarm to reduce installation costs and space requirements. Other features include: high sound output, 32 tone output selectable by dip switch, selectable 20 db volume control, choice of lens and siren color combinations, automatic sounder synchronization with multiple units.

The AW-05 & AW-10 lines features electronic alarms that have been developed to provide alarm signals for a wide variety of fire, commercial, industrial, retail and residential signaling applications.

Designed for reliability in operation, compact size, high output and high IP rating for use in most
environments, with three body and mounting styles available.
The AW-30 Series high output alarm is the answer when a very loud sounder is needed. Producing levels of up to 120 db(A), this sounder can be used in open areas or in situations having higher than normal background noise levels.
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