Visualization & Control in One Package


With its new product range PMI (Pilz Machine Interface) 6 Control, the automation company Pilz is introducing its first operator terminal to be equipped with a soft PLC in accordance with IEC 61131-3 as standard. This terminal goes beyond professional diagnostics and visualization, making it possible to control the entire plant process in just one unit. Thus, the PMI 6 Control not only offers comprehensive diagnostics, but also helps to increase the productivity of the "plant in view".

Operator terminals, PMI 6 Control, are based on a high-performance processor module with 1.3 GHz. Together with a 512 MB RAM, 512 MB Flash memory capacity and the operating system Windows Embedded Compact 7, the result is a high performance platform for all applications. Faster diagnostics and visualization of plant and machinery is possible in conjunction with Pilz control technology. Downtimes can be minimized as a result.



  • two versions are available: 7 or 12-in. glass touchscreen
  • operation is intuitive
  • operator terminals are equipped with user-friendly visualization
  • any common HMI visualization software can be used
  • software packages are easy to install
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