VMC 4020 FX Offers High Performance and Increased Productivity for Precision Metal-cutting Applications


MAG Fadal raises performance in precision machining of short-run, high-volume applications with a newly designed VMC 4020 FX that combines a 1219 mm x 508 mm (48" x 20") table with a maximum table load of 1651 kg (3641 lbs.), 15,000 RPM air/oil spindle and new Infimatic Freedom NC™200 control featuring a special Performance Package.
    The high-speed spindle enables faster axis feeds and finer finishes, while air/oil injection yields the extended duty cycles needed for continuous production run. Proven robust C-frame architecture features wide base, heavily ribbed cast iron construction and integral flame-hardened box ways with ETA+ Steinmeyer dual-mounted ball screws, providing excellent vibration damping to deliver heavy cuts with tolerances to ±5 µm (0.0002"). XYZ travels of 1016 x 508 x 508 mm (40" x 20" x 20") allow maximum processing flexibility and handle multiple part set up operations.
    Designed specifically for metal-cutting machine tool applications, the digital Infimatic Freedom NC 200 control extends the VMC's capabilities for performance and precision. Specially configured with a high-performance processor, the control delivers 1000 blocks per second to precisely perform 2D and 3D contouring cuts at higher feeds without lag, dwell or run-on. The control operates with the full line of MAG Fadal machines including the VMC 3016 FX and the VMC 4525, allowing up to 5-axis machining.
    The Freedom NC200 with Performance Package includes:
•    200 MB of standard part program storage  
•    Gibbs SFP®, a CNC-resident version of the GibbsCAM® system
•    Advanced NC Editor VeriCode™ for error-free programming
•    Super-responsive servo loop closure for enhanced accuracy
    The NC200 control is compatible with standard G Codes, as well as part programs that have been created for Fadal CNC controls, allowing easy transfer of work to the VMC 4020 FX.  
    Engineered for maximum reliability, the Freedom NC200 features fanless cooling, flash memory storage, all surface-mount circuit board construction, and water-resistant panel. A distributed architecture enables electrical cabinet optimization.  

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