VOC-Compliant & Non-Flammable Remover


Totally removes floor scuff marks, gummed-up conveyor rollers and belts/blades, adhesives/glues and hot melt, oil and grease (degreases machinery), tar, tree sap, printer inks, marker stains, labels, stickers, duct tape residue, discolorations/stains, waxes, and sticky substances from office/factory equipment. Product will not damage surfaces.


Effectively removes:

  • floor scuff marks
  • gummed-up conveyor rollers and belts/blades
  • adhesives/glues and hot melt
  • oil and grease
  • tar
  • tree sap
  • printer inks
  • marker stains
  • labels
  • stickers
  • duct tape residue
  • discolorations/stains
  • waxes
  • and more
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