Waldmann Lighting’s Large Halogen Machine Lights Include Dual Lenses For Increased Heat Reduction and Operator Safety


This barrier helps to prevent coolant and other chemicals from baking onto the outside lens, and heat generated from the halogen lamp (bulb) is absorbed by the inner glass lens only. Operator safety is also improved because the viewing area stays clear of coolant and other fluids that may be prevalent, and the light consistently illuminates the application-at-hand. See our cooler halogen HGW and our entire line of machine tool lighting solutions at the Westec Trade Show in Los Angeles, California, on March 27-30.

This new standard double lens is available on Waldmann’s 18-inch and 32-inch arm HGW for broad working areas. A “head only” (HGWK) double lens model is offered for compact work areas where space is limited.

Other features of the HGW double lens series include either a 12V 55-watt lamp, or a 24V 60-watt halogen lamp with polished reflector that provides high intensity light and an estimated lamp life of over 3500 hours. An ergonomically designed handle and heat shield attached to the head provides safe and easy positioning. The light also includes a 4-hole pattern mounting base. All 120V versions include a remote transformer in a waterproof case for plug-in to a 120V power supply.

All HGW Halogen Machine Lights are ideal for heavy coolant environments and provide IP-65 waterproof protection. The lights are used for CNC machinery, conventional mills, lathes, and other metalworking machinery and machine tools. The lights are also ideal for packaging machinery and food processing equipment where coolant, oil, and other fluids are present. The “head-only” models are ideal for grinders, machining centers, CNC lathes, screw machines, turning centers, and packaging and processing machinery where space is limited.


• HG-55, 120V (transformer built into arm) 108-690-000 • HGW-70, 120V, 18" arm, in-line transformer 108-870-801 • HGW-70, 120V, 32" arm, in-line transformer 108-870-802 • HGW-70, 24V, 18" arm, w/switch 100-870-801 • HGW-70, 24V, 32" arm, w/switch 100-870-803 • HGWK-70, 24V, w/ switch 008-308-802 • HGWK-70, 24V, w/o switch 008-308-800 • LAMP, 60W, 24V (HG Series 450-070-300 • TRANSFORMER, enclosed with case, 60VA 120-23.5V, 50/60 Hz (HG 24V models) 150-127-M19 • TRANSFORMER, w/out case, 120-23.5V, 50/60 Hz (HG 24V models) 150-125-M19 • TRANSFORMER, w/out case, 60VA, 230-23.5V, 50/60 Hz (HG 24V models) 150-048-019 • ACCESSORY: Electronic Transformer w/out case, 20-75VA, 120-11.6V, 50/60 Hz (HG 12V models) US0-224-043 • ACCESSORY: Glass Lens, Hardened, Clear (HG Series) 305-412-010 • ACCESSORY: Glass Lens, Tempered, Clear (HG Series) 305-412-030 • ACCESSORY: Glass Lens, Hardened, Milky (HG Series) 305-412-020 • ACCESSORY: Fuse, T0.5A, 12V, 55W, Halogen 950-900-057
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