Wall Mount Fire Tube Boiler


The Lochinvar Knight® heating boiler, is now available in wall mounted units with an innovative new fire tube design. Developed to provide contractors with options to serve every application, the new Knight Wall Mount fire tube boiler is available in seven models with inputs from 55,000 to 399,000 Btu/hr., ideal for residential or light-duty applications such as small hotels, schools and office buildings. For higher demand applications, Lochinvar’s exclusive Smart System™ operating control features a built-in cascading sequencer that allows up to eight units to be installed, delivering up to 3.2 million Btu/hr. heating capacity.

The new Knight Wall Mount Boiler models offer up to 99 percent thermal efficiency, Low-NOx emissions and a fully modulating burner, providing the perfect heating solution for today’s environmentally conscious market.  As with all other KNIGHT models, the fully modulating 5:1 turndown burner allows the Knight to keep fuel use to an absolute minimum by adjusting heat output according to demand.

The Smart System™ operating control, coupled with space-saving design delivers the ultimate ease of installation and maintenance.  The user-friendly Smart System™ interface features a multi-color graphic LCD display and a navigation dial for easy operation.  In addition, the Smart System™ controls up to three individual setpoint temperatures, allowing three different temperature loops to be serviced and enabling the appliance to run at the lowest required temperature to increase system efficiency.

A recent enhancement to the advanced Smart System™ is the new selectable cascade options.  When multiple boilers are installed together, the built-in sequencer can be set for “Lead-Lag” cascade or “Efficiency Optimized” cascade operation. With Lead-Lag, one boiler or water heater in the system is the lead unit, which modulates up to capacity based on demand; as demand increases, additional boilers are fired and the last two units called on modulate until all of them are operating at 100 percent modulation or until demand is satisfied.  With Efficiency Optimized cascade operation, multiple units in the system modulate at the same firing rate to meet load requirements.  Having two cascade options provides the installer with the opportunity to choose which modulation logic best fits his application.

The new Knight Wall Mount’s fully welded ASME Certified stainless steel heat exchanger uses oval shaped tubes to pass heat from the products of combustion into the water stored in the vessel.  To facilitate heat transfer, the tubes are manufactured with dimples to slow the flue products and extract available latent energy.  With this fire tube design, the flue products are contained within tapered passageways and the water passes through a large diameter vessel.  This approach results in minimal head pressure loss through the boiler, which enables the unit to be installed easily into a wide range of hydronic applications. Another outstanding feature of the fire tube design is the water backed combustion chamber.  Since the combustion chamber is surrounded by water, the new Knight Wall Mount has more functional heating surface, allowing for efficiencies up to 99 percent.

All Knight models are equipped for direct-vent installation with air intake and exhaust runs up to 100 feet using PVC, CPVC or AL29-4C vent materials.  The new Knight Wall Mount units offer seven venting options and tremendous flexibility for placement within any building.


  • wall mount
  • fire tube design
  • inputs from 55,000 to 399,000 Btu/hr
  • control system links up to 8 units for 3.2 million Btu/hr
  • up to 99% thermal efficiency
  • modulating 5:1 turndown burner minimizes fuel use by adjusting heat output according to demand

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Anonymous, Operations, Production and Plant Management
We have used the floor mount for years. They function reliably and efficiency. We have had great success with the boilers and recently made the choice to standardize all our boiler change-outs to these boilers based on their past performance.The modular design lends them to accept a manifold system letting you build whatever your BTU requirements are and still have the capacity with redundancy. Nice to have a backup if you have a failure on one.