Wall Mounted Flue Gas Analyzer For Efficient Combustion


The new Optimiser is a wall mounted Flue gas analyzer that monitors stack emissions for efficient combustion of either Natural Gas, Coke, Propane, Butane, Light Oil, or Heavy Oil. Optimiser works by using two separate probes to measure the temperature and Oxygen content. From these measurements, it calculates the Carbon Dioxide content and the process efficiency.

Oxygen content is a very sensitive indicator of boiler efficiency. Too little Oxygen means that insufficient air has been used and combustion is incomplete leading to dirty and polluting exhausts. If too much air is used, then heat is wasted and running costs escalate. If the air is managed, then these problems may be eliminated.

Optimiser offers digital display and is factory set to your specifications. However, users may choose an optional remote keypad to adjust any settings and perform calibration. Industry standard 4-20 mA outputs are included to allow integration to building management systems. An additional RS 232 link allows all parameters to be transmitted to a PC.


• Display: 4 - digit green LED, character height of 0.56 inches (14.2 mm) • Fuel: Factory set to one of the following: • Natural Gas / Light, Oil / Heavy, Oil / Coal / Coke / Propane / Butane • Power: 110-130 volts or 220-240 volts 50/60Hz (specify) • Environment: Ambient operating temperature: 32o F-122o F (0o C-50o C) • Wall mounted case Ingress protection rating: IP54 • Dimensions: 8.4 inches x 7.3 inches x 4.4 inches (213 mm x 185 mm x 113 mm) • Weight: 3.5 pounds (1.6 kg) • Output: Current loop 1: 4-20mA ±1% of reading (default setting: Oxygen) • Current loop 2: 4-20mA ±1% of reading (default setting: Temperature) • Each loop factory set to performance parameter required • RS232 Data rate: 9600 baud Stop bits: 2 • Parity: None Format: ASCII text • All four parameters transmitted once per second • Probe : Type: Zirconia Weight: 2 pounds (0.9 kg) • Material: Stainless Steel • Stack Temperature: 1112o F (600o C) maximum • Length: 16.5 inches x 1.3 inches (420 mm x 34 mm) • Cable length: Customer specified up to 13.12 feet (4 meters) • Insertion depth into flue: 9.5 inches (240 mm) maximum reducible according • to flange length • Thermocouple: Type: K • Type Length: 7.9 inches (200 mm) • Cable Length: Customer specified up to 13.12 feet (4 meters) • Options: Keypad for user configuration • Long probe, insertion depth in to flue: 19.7 inches (500 mm) maximum
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