Walter Precision Coolant


Walter Turn Precision Coolant is a powerful and targeted coolant delivery system that produces a direct coolant supply through the insert clamp and along the flank face of the insert. The result is 30 to 150% tool life increase (depending on material and coolant pressure) for stainless materials, high-temperature alloys, and steels. The new system directs coolant precisely at the cutting edge providing greater lubrication, cooler inserts, and improved chip control, beginning at pressures as low as 150 psi. The positive effects increase with pressure, particularly at pressures above 580 psi. The new system is aimed primarily at ISO material groups P, M, and S, with a pressure range of 150 to 2,250 psi.


Cooling straight to the point:

  • Direct coolant supply through the clamp and along the flank face
  • 30 to 150% longer tool life for stainless materials, high temperature alloys and steels
  • Up to 100% higher cutting speed whilst maintaining the same tool life
  • Improved chip breaking, particularly at pressures above 40 bar
  • Usable with existing machines with a coolant pressure of 10 bar or higher
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