Warehouse Picking Cart


A picking cart with a special center module fabricated from corrugated plastic, and serving as a shelf, features 8 compartments to keep multiple garment orders clean and separated. The cart’s framework is built using Creform 28 mm plastic coated steel tubing and clamping metal joints that provide the necessary strength and durability yet allows the cart to remain flexible. The cart can be loaded from either side.


The cart measures 18 x 38 x 54 in. and offers a minimized construction for passing in aisles and in/out movement from the aisles. It is designed to hold up to 350 lb. and feature four 4 in. diameter urethane casters. The four swivel casters at the corners provide stability and the ability to travel in any direction.


The cart features a handle on one end with an integrated work area. This work surface features a lip around the edge to ensure pens, tools and paperwork stay secure as cart moved around. The handle can be easily repositioned with a 5 mm hex wrench. The modular nature of a Creform structures mean additions or repairs are a snap.

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