Warehouse Wearable Boosts Efficiency


As wearable technology becomes more prevalent in the warehouse, Crown Equipment has introduced a new wearable option for order pickers working with forklifts.

The transceiver strap wireless remote is secured to an operator’s wrist and finger with adjustable straps, leaving their hands free to pick orders. The conveniently located, thumb-actuated button allows operators to advance the forklift to the next pick slot without returning to the operator compartment. The strap fits over all glove types, making it especially appealing in cold temperature applications.
Crown research has shown that the Crown QuickPick Remote system can save up to five seconds per pick at a 16 foot interpick distance. At 100 picks per hour, QuickPick Remote may generate as much as a 14% time savings.



  • Increases operator productivity by leveraging a truck that allows the operator to maintain a consistent rhythm and pace, making the most of every second in the picking process.

  • Promotes safety by enabling the operator to work from behind the truck while remotely advancing it to the next pick location.

  • Helps reduce damage to product, racking and trucks with the innovative steer correction and obstacle detection features.

  • Lessens operator fatigue by eliminating steps in the picking process, including up to a 70% reduction in steps on and off the truck platform.
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