Washdown Resistant Labels & Signs


Brady announces the launch of its pre-printed ToughWash™ equipment labels and signs. The durability of this product line was designed to provide safety, lean and instructional messages as needed in food and beverage processing facilities while withstanding frequent washdown and sanitation processes.                                                                                                               

“In the production setting, it’s important to visually communicate hazards, warnings and processes in order to maintain a safe and efficient workplace. This need becomes difficult in the food and beverage industry where labels and signs can pose a threat to entering the process line,” says Tom Smith, product marketing specialist for Brady. “With strong, high-temperature adhesive and customizable message options, pre-printed ToughWash labels and signs are an easy solution to achieving effective workplace visuals in a strict food safety environment.”                                                                                                         

ToughWash labels and signs strongly adhere to stainless steel surfaces and are engineered to withstand the harsh temperatures, pressures, caustic materials and abrasive scrubbing commonly used in the food and beverage washdown process. A ToughWash metal-detectable version is also available that has the ability to be detected as foreign debris in the food stream by common metal detectors. “ToughWash signs and labels were developed by Brady specifically for the food and beverage market. They were subjected to intense testing using real washdown processes – including temperatures up to 175ºF and pressure up to 1,000 PSI – to ensure text won’t fade and labels stay intact,” adds Smith.


  • strongly adhere to stainless steel surfaces
  • text won’t fade 
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