Washer Catalog


Boker's Inc. announces the release of its 2015 Washer Catalog, providing an all-inclusive reference guide for flat washer selection. This 60-page manual offers detailed information on the company's large range of materials, sizing, secondary operations and more.In addition to offering over 29,000 non-standard washer and spacer sizes, this catalog includes Boker's complete outside/inside diameter options, as well as a detailed range of thickness availability. Boker's also has the capability to provide metric sizing and can accommodate small, medium and long production runs.

This washer catalog demonstrates Boker's custom manufacturing capabilities and acts as a reference tool to its vast offering of flat washer sizes. Boker’s offers over 2,000 metallic and non-metallic materials; washers are manufactured to meet specific product specifications and can be made into special shapes with outside diameters up to 12 inches. To satisfy current industry standards, the catalog also lists the company's certification and quality assurance programs and highlights its fast turnarounds and specialty delivery programs, such as Dock-to-Stock and Just-in-Time.

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