Waste Collection Container Features Hinged Panel


The Poly-Trux® 54P-20R eWaste cart from recycling product manufacturer Meese Orbitron Dunne Co.  is now available with an optional hinged panel that opens for easy, ergonomic access to the computers, televisions, microwave ovens, fax machines and other electronics waste collected in the recycling cart. Eliminating the need to manually remove heavy, unwieldy electronics waste from over and out of the recycling container, the Poly-Trux® 54P-20R eWaste cart with the hinged panel reduces bending, reaching and lifting for improved worker safety.

The hinged panel spans nearly the entire length of the 52-inch long, rotationally molded container, which holds up to 20-bushels of e-waste and is set atop premium, industrial-strength casters. Available with a lockable security cover or soft, vinyl cover, the hinged panel Poly-Trux 54P-20R eWaste cart fits three across on most trucks and trailers for efficient transport and stacks and nests when empty for space-saving returns.   A choice of 16 standard colors plus optional custom colors and permanent, molded-in lettering, tracking numbers and graphics are available.


  • optional hinged panel
  • easy, ergonomic access
  • reduces bending, reaching and lifting
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