Water Absorbent Mat Pads


PIG Water Absorbent Mat Pads are specifically designed to instantly soak up small pools and puddles of water caused by weather events, system breakdowns, spills, condensation, container overflows, and more. The mats pull in large volumes of water to help prevent equipment and structure damage as well as slip and fall injuries. 

Each high-capacity mat pad is specially treated to instantly wick nearly one quart of water on contact. A tough, spun-bond top layer holds the mat together so it won’t rip or fall apart when picking up, handling or disposing of the mat—even when it's fully saturated.  


Available as pads, in a dispenser box, or in a perforated roll, the mats can be wrung and reused during a single water spill clean-up and then disposed of. This makes them a cleaner and more efficient cleanup tool than dirty mops, rags, and towels, which can recontaminate floors by spreading bacteria, mold, and odors. And, water mat pads are better for the environment. They contain 60% pre-consumer recycled cellulose and create less waste than wipers or loose absorbents.

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