Water Jet Cutting System


Sugino Corporation introduces the newest addition to their water jet cutting family: the Katana2 Water Jet Cutting System. This high precision water jet cutter is ideally suited for cutting titanium, stainless-steel, CFRP and other hard materials such as copper or glass.  

Utilizing Sugino’s newly developed, extra-fine abrasive nozzle, the Katana2 can achieve cutting diameters as low as 0.012” (0.3mm) at pressures up to 43,500 PSI (300 MPa). With a footprint of only 57”w x 81”d (1435mm x 2050mm), the Katana2 is also eco-friendly, using 60% less abrasive materials and consuming four times less power than traditional water jets, thus reducing running costs by 40%.


  • extra-fine abrasive nozzle
  • cutting diameters as low as 0.012” 
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