Water Proof Microphones


PUI Audio is proud to announce the expansion of our microphone line upwith the addition of waterproof microphones. These Electret Condenser Microphones are certified toIP57 standards. This means the microphones can be submerged in water or processed through aqueouscleaning systems.

All of PUI Audio’s waterproof microphones are omni-directional and must be used with a rubber bootin place to protect against water intrusion. PUI offers waterproof microphones in a variety of sizes,mounting types and sensitivities.Typical applications include: hand-held devices, wireless communications, video cameras, andsecurity equipment.

Features include: * IP57 rated, * various sizes, * voltage range: 1~10 VDC, * mounting types includesolder pads, pins or lead wires, * available with or without internal filtering capacitors


  • certified toIP57 standards
  • can be submerged in water
  • voltage range: 1~10 VDC
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