Waterproof Angular Rate Sensor


The JoyWarrior56FR1-WP is a cost efficient, waterproof, six-axis MEMS motion sensor with a 6-ft cable and USB interface. Three axes of acceleration and three of angular rate are measured with 16-bit resolution. Measurement ranges from ±2g to ±16g and 125 to 2000dps are available. Readings are taken at 833 measurements per second in standard mode, while a high-speed mode generates 6,664 data points per second. In standard mode the data is reported as joystick data, which eliminates the need for a special driver. The data can be read with any program that can accept joystick data as input.


The different range settings at which acceleration and angular rate can be measured can be stored permanently in the sensor. Options are provided for data filtering inside the sensor to reduce noise. A configuration tool for setting the sensor parameters, a 3D tilt angle demo, and a data recorder are included as part of the software support.


Each USB-powered JoyWarrior56FR1-WP has a unique 8-digit hexadecimal serial number in its device descriptor which can be used to simplify programming for multiple JoyWarriors connected to a single computer. The serial numbers are factory programmed and cannot be changed. The sensors are factory calibrated for neutral position and range so there is no need for additional calibration of the sensor itself.


The extended temperature range of -10° to 85°C and the waterproof packaging opens this product up to many applications. The sensor has two convenient mounting holes and a strong internal magnet to make it simple for attaching to a surface. The JoyWarrior56FR1 sensor is also available as a PCB module or a kit containing the module, cable and enclosure. It may be used for motion, vibration, or orientation sensing applications.



  • 6 axis 16-bit acceleration and angular rate sensor
  • Selectable measurement ranges: ±2g, ±4g, ±8g, ±16g, 125, 250, 500, 1000, 2000 dps
  • Resolution down to 61µg
  • 822 or 6664 readings/sec
  • Identifies as a joystick for easy data access
  • Temperature range -10° to 85°C
  • 6 ft USB cable for data and power
  • 2.5 x 2.0 x 0.6 in. waterproof plastic housing
  • Mounting by screws or internal magnet
  • USB Full Speed interface (USB 1.1/2.0)
  • X, Y, Z, rX, rY, rZ axis at 16 bit resolution each
  • ca. 2m USB cable
  • 63 x 51 x 15 mm
  • Power supplied via USB
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