Waterproof Fluorescent Lighting


Halogen Lighting Products rolls out a new internal ballast fixture expanding an already customizable product line of waterproof fluorescent lighting, debuting with the internal ballasted Lanternfish™ Already having the highest light output in the smallest footprint, the Lanternfish™ now gives clients the option to have the electronic ballast located either remotely on the power cord, or now locally inside the IP67 (waterproof under pressure) rated fixture. No matter if the environment is dry, wet, washdown, and even submerged; the Lanternfish™ is specifically designed to handle adverse conditions.

The Lanternfish™ is encased in a watertight, dustproof, and nearly indestructible super acrylic casing that has been field tested and proven in the most hostile manufacturing environments in the world for more than a decade. This new internal ballast fixture, like the 80-watt internal ballast Needlefish™ are also made to handle voltages between 90-260 volts and 50/60hz cycles making them usable to all equipment and applications in the world. There’s no kidding about this: Any power source, in the range of 90-260V, 50/60hz, even direct current, anywhere in the world; this fixture will adapt to whatever power you feed it.The Lanternfish™, part of an already versatile line of fixtures known as Millennium Series™ offers an expansive selection of options ranging from sizes, brightness, material build, mounting, and many more variables to make it an ideal fit for any application.


  • internal ballasted
  • encased in a watertight, dustproof, and nearly indestructible super acrylic casing
  • designed to handle adverse conditions
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