Waterproof Your Structure, Even in Cold Weather Conditions, with MEL-ROL LM (ALL SEASON)


MEL-ROL LM (ALL SEASON) is a single-component, polymer-modified, cold-applied, liquid waterproofing membrane ideal for below-grade vertical seamless waterproofing applications.  MEL-ROL LM (ALL SEASON) is formulated with the same high quality rubber polymers found in W. R. MEADOWS’ successful MEL-ROL “peel and stick” membrane, converting them into a heavy-bodied, high solids, quick drying liquid membrane.  .  The liquid-membrane technology allows faster installation times using either a spray or roller application.
MEL-ROL LM (ALL SEASON) can be used on new and remedial waterproofing applications on both concrete and masonry block substrates.  The product can be applied in very cold temperatures, as low as 10° F (-12° C).  This all season formulation performs just as well as the standard MEL-ROL LM product.  It features the same qualities that have made the MEL- ROL line of products successful:  very low vapor permeability (perm rating), superior elongation, and excellent adhesion and bond.  MEL-ROL LM (ALL SEASON) bridges minor cracks and will not become brittle with age.  The product’s single-component technology eliminates two-component mixing problems.  MEL-ROL LM (ALL SEASON) is easy to apply – it applies with a roller or airless sprayer, resulting in low cost of application.  The product requires no heating, which eliminates fire hazards associated with heating kettles. MEL-ROL LM (ALL SEASON) also features a low VOC content of <400 g/L.

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