Waveguide Twists


Family of precision waveguide twists operates across seven frequency bands from 18 to 110 GHz. These twists are specifically designed to prevent unwanted distortion in the signal’s transmission and are perfect for systems requiring a turn in the polarization and waveform.


Twists are beneficial components to have when building a waveguide system, as they allow the waveguide to be turned at a precise angle in order to meet the mechanical and electrical constraints of the overall system.


These waveguide twists feature:

  • ensure correct signal polarization
  • 45° and 90° types are available (45° versions offered in both right hand and left hand twist configurations)
  • offer more than 20 unique models of waveguide twists
  • sizes range from WR-42 (18 GHz) to WR-10 (110 GHz)
  • gold-plated brass construction
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