Utilizing proprietary manufacturing processes, Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions (IBS) has engineered a line of professional-grade blades which deliver more aggressive cutting action for greater performance in the field. Hyde Wavy Scallop Edge Blades combine the ability to cut tough materials with a longer blade life to outperform standard beveled edge blades on individual or longer production jobs.
Hyde Wavy Scallop Edge Blades can be used in numerous industrial applications such as the cutting of reinforced hydraulic hose and rubber belting. Unlike abrasive wheels, which remove material while hacking a path while cutting and generate heat, smoke and debris that can contaminate hydraulic cutting systems, these blades slice cleanly through the work eliminating large volumes of waste. These durable blades are also used in food processing for poultry and other meats and the converting of packaging materials into finished products.
Designed with sharpened recessed curves along their edge, Hyde Wavy Scallop Edge Blades feature sharp “points” at the leading edge of the cut to offer more linear cutting surface than a standard beveled-edge. Scallops on a blade’s edge improve its cutting ability by providing single point penetration into the work being cut. At the same time, the center of effort shifts around each scallop, introducing a wide range of cut angles to the material being cut. It is this “rocking” motion that increases the aggressiveness of the blade’s cutting action. Because of this feature, scallop edge blades are able to cut tougher materials more effectively than standard beveled-edge blades.
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