Wayfinding Products


PathFinder, a new line of wayfinding products, helps facilities organize workflow and create barriers between workers and potential hazards. The wide variety of tapes offer visual communication solutions to designate forklift zones, add traction to slippery steps, light darkened hallways, and convey safety messages when and where workers need it most.

“Floor marking tape is an easy and inexpensive tool for companies,” said Josh Ball, product manager with Graphic Products. “Unlike paint or permanent barriers, tape can be applied within minutes and removed when needed.  ”The PathFinder line includes various categories of industrial-strength tape. Heavy Duty tape is rugged, standing up to long term use, heavy forklift traffic, and spills when used on warehouse floors. Tread tapes are designed to eliminate slips and falls in the workplace and are OSHA compliant to keep workers safe when used on catwalks, staircases, and ramps. Reflect tape directs attention and prevents accidents day and night when used on the back of trucks, rail cars, and around transportation barriers. Glow tape illuminates lowlight conditions when used on emergency exits, fuse boxes, and handrails. Print tape offers customizable safety messages to remind workers of required personal protective equipment, hazards, and warehouse traffic.


  • help facilities organize workflow
  • various categories of industrial-strength tape

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