Wear-Resistant Monoflex Bellows Vacuum Cups (SP-BX1 & SP-BX2)


Monoflex bellows vacuum cups from the SP-BX1 and SP-BX2 series combine the elasticity of rubber with the durability of polyurethane.


The almost non-marking Monoflex bellows vacuum cup grips cartons and other uneven and porous materials such as cardboard, textured plastics, and composites with a raw surface. It's made from extremely wear-resistant polyurethane (hardness 50° Shore A) and adapts to flat and convex product surfaces; the folds provide good height and angle compensation.


The SP-BX1 (1.5 folds) and SP-BX2 (2.5 folds) series of the Monoflex bellows vacuum cup are targeted at customers in the packaging and plastics sector.


FIPA offers oil and ozone-resistant vacuum cups in versions from 0.4 to 3 in. (10 to 75 mm) in diameter with 1.5 folds (SP-BX1) and 2.5 folds (SP-BX2). On request, FIPA delivers the vacuum cup with an integrated filter disc from a diameter of 1 in. (26 mm). The filter disc is included in delivery from a diameter of 3.03 in. (77 mm).


  • Secure-grip on uneven and porous surfaces
  • Minimization of machine downtime
  • Polyurethane is wear-resistant and almost non-marking
  • Resetting allows you to immediately begin a new gripping procedure
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