Wearable Connectivity Solution


The Fischer Freedom Series revolutionizes wearable connectivity, as it meets design engineers’ urgent needs for designing and connecting portable and body-worn applications quickly and easily, thanks to three breakthrough technology innovations:

  • Mating – no key code allows for 3600 mating “freedom”
  • Locking – ball-locking mechanism with sealing and variable pre-defined force (patent pending)
  • Materials – specially designed pins on the plug are IP68 sealed with a membrane (patent pending)


Thanks to these innovations, the Fischer Freedom Series facilitates integration, maximizes usability and optimizes cable management for a wide variety of applications within markets such as defense, security, medical, industrial and civil engineering – to name just a few.


The Fischer Freedom Series and the Fischer LP360TM set a new standard in usability, which is threefold.


The product line makes end users’ lives easier by reducing cognitive, weight and reliability burdens thanks to:

  • Easy mating. Mating the Fischer LP360 becomes as intuitive as buttoning up a vest – without compromising on the high-performance reliability required in harsh environments.
  • Easy cleaning. The new connector is fully cleanable (both plug and receptacle) and is easy to use and maintain with a faster set up and improved durability.
  • The Fischer Freedom Series also makes the life of design engineers easier, as it meets their need to easily and seamlessly integrate connectors – with or without cables – into multifunctional portable or body-worn devices.
  • Easy integration. Thanks to its compact and low-profile design, the Fischer LP360 is easy to integrate into clothing with devices and subsystems; via the panel-mounted plug interface, cables can even be removed completely, and the connector can be directly integrated into the housing of such devices as a camera, a sensor, a light, a GPS.


The Fischer Freedom Series optimizes cable management with an extremely reliable connectivity ecosystem.


As the Fischer LP360TMhas no key code, it offers 3600 mating “freedom”, meaning it can be plugged and routed in any direction, ensuring that the cable can always go straight to the device. No more twists and turns means shorter cables in the equipment body-worn by dismounted soldiers, healthcare professionals or patients, civil engineers, surveyors and operators, and law enforcement officers and security guards.


The usability as well as the integrability of the Fischer Freedom Series connectivity solutions contribute to making wearable devices smaller, faster and smarter – and, ultimately, to making high-performance and smart clothing a reality.


The Fischer Freedom Series enables design engineers to build an intelligent vest which works as a hub with multiple portable and body-worn devices connected to a shared data and power bus. Clutter is reduced and usability increased, making equipment lighter and faster to set up. These benefits also open up further opportunities in the Internet of Things (IoT).

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