Wearable Eye Tracker


Tobii Pro Glasses 2 gives researchers deep and objective insights into human behavior by showing exactly what a person is looking at in real time as they move freely in any real-world setting. Understand how people interact with their environment, what catches their attention, drives their behavior, and influences decision making. Wearable and mobile eye tracking system opens entirely new opportunities for behavioral studies.


With a unique first-person perspective and true measurement of visual attention and cognitive engagement, Pro Glasses 2 can be also used as a tool for training, skills transfer, and performance enhancement. The real-time observation of participants' gaze data provides quick and actionable insights. Whether the eye tracking study is conducted in a lab, shopping mall, manufacturing facility, home, or sports field, you will achieve accurate and reliable results in human behavior research.


Quickly and easily analyze large volumes of the eye tracking data with the automated Real-World Mapping tool available in our Tobii Pro Lab software.


The user-centric design and mobility of Pro Glasses 2 have resulted in an intuitive easy-to-use eye tracking system that allows you to focus on the data analysis and makes the data collection a simple quick exercise. Any user can get started with data collection easily without prior experience with the help of the system-guided procedures and a quick one-point calibration.


The dedicated recording unit provides a more reliable solution than using third-party devices or depending on other data-processing and storage technology connected via Bluetooth. To ensure maximum mobility during the study, the recording unit also allows for easy access to the SD card, sync port, and batteries.


With Pro Glasses 2, you will be able to collect unmoderated attention data to observe your subject's behavior from a first-person perspective.


The unobtrusive design with no side or bottom frames promotes maximal field of view, while capturing large gaze angles and minimizing blind areas. Participants can move their heads freely during studies due to the lightweight, sleek form factor of our wearable eye tracker. Such an unprecedented unobtrusiveness opens opportunities for new types of studies.

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