Wearable HD Camera for Hazardous Zones


With the Cube 800, the Pepperl+Fuchs brand ecom is launching the first portable and explosion-proof infrared and HD video camera for Zone 1/21 and Div. 1. ecom developed and distributes the Cube 800 in cooperation with Librestream. Both companies are meeting the increasing demand for a peripheral device that provides HD digital and thermal imaging technology for inspections and maintenance in potentially hazardous areas. In combination with the intrinsically safe ecom smartphone series Smart-Ex or tablet series Tab-Ex, workers can remotely control the camera, view HD video and thermal imaging, or capture and annotate pictures or recordings from a safe distance in real-time. Critical areas on the plant can thus be identified much quicker and repair measures initiated immediately.


In potentially hazardous areas, both the condition of the installations and the temperature conditions must be checked regularly - often in in locations with limited access. The integrated thermal imaging camera of the Cube 800 with long-wave infrared (8-14μm), a thermal sensitivity of 50mK and automatic flat field correction (FFC) indicates potentially critical, overheated areas. The optical HD camera with 13 megapixels and 3x digital zoom records high-resolution videos and pictures. A light ring and a class 1 laser target pointer ensure high image quality. Simultaneous recording and display of HD and infrared video is also possible via a Smart-Ex or Tab-Ex mobile device.


With the ecom Cube 800, employees can safely inspect and analyze processes and assets even where handling an additional device would hinder and endanger them. Thanks to a magnetic auto latch holder with helmet loop plus lanyard clip, the Cube 800 sits securely on a safety helmet or headband. During recording, the Mobile Worker has his hands free and can communicate via a handsfree system. Attached to a monopod or handheld, the Cube 800 can be moved flexibly even in confined spaces and take pictures and video in places which are hard to reach. For a long runtime without failures during operation, the Cube 800 is equipped with a rechargeable 2200 mA-h Li-Ion battery.


Employees and the control room can interoperate with the optional Librestream software Onsight Connect and remotely control camera settings including lighting, zoom and camera mode. Coupled with the Onsight Connect-enabled ecom Smart-Ex or Tab-Ex devices, remote monitoring can be extended towards data-optimized remote monitoring with the Cube 800. On request, images and recordings are available live in the digital workspace on request. This allows experts and the control room to support the technician on site. For example, remote diagnoses can be carried out and instructions for repairs can be provided remotely. Dual band WIFI with 2.4 GHz and 5GHz and Bluetooth supplement the mobile data exchange


Highlights of the Cube-Ex include:

  • HD Digital and Thermal imaging cameras including Fusion blended mode
  • Flexible design enabling hand-held, head-worn, mounted, and monopod use
  • Remote control of the Cube-Ex camera functions through paired ecom mobile devices
  • Built-in illumination for high quality visuals in low light environments
  • Annotation of pictures or recordings using shapes, text overlay, and spot temperature
  • Rugged design with Zone 1 and Class 1, Div 1 Ex-certified models*
  • Optional cloud content storage, remote expert collaboration, and digital work instruction capabilities available through the Onsight augmented reality platform
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