Web-Based Bell System



Linortek Netbell bell system is a self-contained system that is very easy to use. Each Netbell bell system includes the hardware and software you will need to install and operate, no additional software or designated computer required. With the built-in web server and specially designed bell scheduling software, you can remote access the bells, adding up to 500 bell event schedules to ring the bells from a standard web browser or our special designed BellScheduler desk app over the network. Now it’s easy for schools, factories, small businesses, warehouses and any other places to build a fully automated web-based timed alert system for breaks, shift changes or general alarms with our Netbell products.


The Netbell product comes with a built-in real-time clock with NTP automatic Internet time setting and gets its time from a standard internet NTP time server. It looks for time every 30 minutes from NTP server by default (users changeable), which maintains the time between requests with a Real Time Clock (RTC) within the main CPU. There is also a back-up RTC with battery power to maintain time during power interruptions or if not connected to the internet.

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