Webbots, Spiders & Screen Scrapers


There's a wealth of data online, but sorting and gathering it by hand can be tedious and time-consuming. Rather than click through page after endless page, why not bots do the work for you? Webbots, Spiders & Screen Scrapers will show you how create simple programs with PHP/CURL to mine, parse, and archive online data to help you make informed decisions. It teaches you how to develop fault-tolerant designs, and how best to launch and schedule the work of your bots. It also includes tricks for dealing with sites that are resistant to crawling and scraping, writing stealthy webbots that mimic human search behavior, and using regular expressions to harvest specific data. As you discover the possibilities of web scraping, you'll see how webbots can save you precious time and give you much greater control over the data available on the web.


Learn how to create internet agents that:

  • send e-mail or SMS notifications to alert you to new information quickly
  • search different data sources and combine the results on one page, making the data easier to interpret and analyze
  • automate purchases, auction bids, and other online activities to save time
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