Website Features Expansive Library

Description is an all new website to meet the demands of today’s data-driven manufacturing environments.  The site takes the guesswork out of caster & wheel selection with the deployment of a new vast library of ergonomic data and other performance metrics for faster and better-informed decisions.


Safety managers and plant personnel can now analyze ergonomic data such as the caster or wheel’s startup force at incremental loads. Design engineers and plant operations personnel can view a wheel’s load distribution or footprint at various loadings to analyze impact on floors.  The site also features an improved navigation structure and advanced search.


Visitors will also find a new four-factor rating system for each caster and wheel including rollability, durability, floor preservation, and quiet operation.  Perhaps most significantly, the site has been redesigned for everyone’s most important screen — their cell phone. Visitors can now enjoy web pages optimized for a great experience on any mobile device.  Finally, 3D CAD renderings have also been enhanced with more detail, higher-resolution, and faster processing time.

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