Wedgewire Drag Flight Scraper Conveyor


Wedgewire Drag Flight Scraper Conveyor offers very efficient chip and fines removal for a reasonable price when compared to other more expensive filtration systems for CNC metal cutting machine tools. The coolant must pass through the Wedgewire into the machine's clean coolant supply tank, and in so doing, most of the chips and fines are effectively separated from the coolant.  The Wedgewire is available in a range of openings and is specified based upon the machine tool coolant flow rate and the chip and fine particulate size range in the application.  Chips and fines from the machining process either fall directly to the bottom of the conveyor or are brushed off the top of the Wedgewire filter cell.   Then, they are scraped off the bottom and discharged out of the conveyor into a chip waste receptacle.  

Based on the different wedgewires typically employed, nominal filtration in the range of 150 to 400 microns can be achieved.  With this conveyor technology, Jorgensen can go a long way towards helping a customer eliminate the machine downtime required to clean out chips that have built up in the coolant supply tank.  This is because chip migration from the conveyor is greatly minimized.  Coolant life is extended and the customer will also find that they get extended life from downstream consumables such as bag filters and cutting tools.  


  • efficient chip and fines removal
  • filtration ranges from 150 to 400 microns

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