Weight Indicators Get Expanded Memory


A next-generation upgrade for the Intuition Series weight indicators offers reliable, versatile general-purpose weight indication, in support of a variety of commercial and industrial requirements. The indicators combine large six-digit LED and LCD displays, weighing and counting modes, along with an array of advanced features and communication interfaces, including multiple hardware and software options. The result is a truly scalable, flexible and user-friendly weight indicator solution.


Each new standard feature of the next-generation Intuition Series is derived from direct customer feedback. Increases in onboard ALIBI memory capacity now allow for the paperless storage of up 100K individual weighing records, from the previous 10K. Units are available with CE mark, as well as with International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML)/EN45501:2015 compliant “legal for trade” certification.


The Series now offers seamless compatibility with most industry standard digital load cell interfaces. A seven-function keyboard with 12 numeric keys has been added, as well as a digital I/O, consisting of four dry relay outputs and two opto-isolated inputs. These improvements allow for greater ease of operation, with simplified calibration and instrumentation setups. Two series ports (RS232) have been added for enhanced printing and networking functionality, as well as a full RS485 duplex interface. A plug-and-play setup now allow for various option cards to be easily added or removed, facilitating increased “on demand” customization capabilities. Both a battery housing and charger board, as well as a mounting bracket, have been added. With these and other new features, Intuition Series weight indicators can effectively support process weighing batch functions of up to eight steps, with choice of local or remote display capabilities. Other additional new features include piece counting mode, time and date stamp, and user and operator password protection.


Intuition Series weight indicators are expressly designed for ease of field service. To ensure their survivability in harsh environments, their full modular hardware and software infrastructure underwent two full years of rigorous field testing prior to release. Nearly every module or component within the Intuition Series, whether electronic or mechanical, is easily field replaceable. This includes, among others, the power supply, A/D, CPU, and communication interface. In addition to their durability and long service life, Intuition Series weight indicators include full diagnostic capabilities, 100% customizable hardware and software, and custom labeling capabilities. Typical applications include process weighing, bulk weighing, batching, and weighbridges. They may be specified within virtually any commercial or industrial weighing application where visual indication accuracy is of concern, and particularly, those with “legal for trade” certification requirements.


  • Large six-digit LED display (0.8 in, 21 mm)
  • Built-in weighing and counting modes
  • Alibi memory retains last 100k transactions
  • Drives up to 10 x 350 Ω load cells (4/6 wires) or 20 × 700 Ω load cells
  • Two serial ports (RS232) for printing and networking, including various serial stream formats
  • Selectable standard Digital I/O with four dry-relay outputs/two opto-isolated inputs
  • Standard RS 485, full duplex Interface
  • Compatible with digital load cell interface
  • 20 mA serial port for a remote display
  • Stainless steel enclosure (IP67)
  • Custom ticket printing—gross, net and setpoint format can be customized up to 300 characters and print time and date, unit ID, and consecutive ticket number
  • Accumulation—weights are totaled, with armed print function
  • Batching—up to eight batch steps with latched or
  • continuous outputs for gross, net and delay setpoint.
  • Actions include trip high or low, wait for standstill, print, accumulate and tare
  • Keyed tare—preset tare value can be entered when the gross weight is at zero
  • Local/remote—remote unit displays weight and transmits key press commands to the local unit
  • User and operator password protection
  • Audit trail tracking
  • Time and date
  • Plug and play ready for option card interchange
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