Welding Fume Extractor Offers Automatic Cleaning


Statiflex 800 is a wall-mounted weld fume extraction and filtration system designed to curtail operating costs via a self-cleaning filtration system that reduces the frequency of filter replacement. The system is designed with a dual-arm capacity that includes an optional extended reach of 27 ft. Statiflex 800 is ideal for heavy-duty extraction and filtration in facilities with fixed workstations and limited floor space.


The Statiflex airflow in the single-arm configuration is 735 CFM, while the airflow for the dual-arm configuration is 1,200 CFM. The system includes a filter capacity of 568 ft2 and an internal spark arrestor that functions as a pre-filter for larger size particulate.


Like its predecessor models, the extractor was designed with efficiency and cost savings in mind. The automatic filter cleaning system is an onboard cleaning mechanism that uses blasts of compressed air to knock particulate from the filter surface, extending the time interval between filter replacement.


The flexibility of the Statiflex system enables the user to create a configuration tailored to individual needs. Start with the base unit and choose an extraction arm, wall mounting hardware, starting control, fan and (where applicable) the extension crane mounting.

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