Welding Manipulator Offers Complete Solution


Offering mechanized automation to pipe welding with an economical, space efficient manipulator, the Mini Pantheon Pipe Welding System provides heavy-duty construction and linear bearings to deliver repeatable high-quality welds and a stable platform for pipe spooling.


The system is designed to increase productivity and reduce operator fatigue. The electronic pendant controls boom up/down and arc start/stop for ease of operation, while the controller offers 4 immediate and 4 time-delay contacts to be used for motion control.


Additional features include an 8-memory slot, digital linear weaver to keep oscillator settings saved. A 25-ft Magnum PRO 550 welding gun with 180-deg. gun tube is used for high duty cycle welding. The 4-in. manual cross slides with a welding torch holder allow three axes of adjustment.


Key accessories for the Mini Pantheon Pipe Welding System are available, such as fume extractor options, pipe stands, and positioners.

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